Hurricane Katrina Damage Photographs
Ocean Springs, Mississippi (taken two months after storm)


Our Home Damage          Ocean Springs, MS
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The first two are of the bridge between
Biloxi and Ocean Springs on route 90

When I left in March 2007, this bridge
was still down and traffic had to use
Interstate 10 between the 2 towns

All that was left of a Beachfront Motel

Nothing but rubble left of this beautiful home.

This whole stretch of road was mostly
rubble - no homes left at all

Another pile of rubble - all that was
left of a beautiful home

This is one of the saddest things I saw
It was everywhere - cloths hanging from Telephone wires & trees like a Friday Wash

Severely damaged home 3 streets
up from the Gulf

This owner still proudly flew the
American flag on his damaged home

Our Home Damage          Ocean Springs, MS

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