Eight Homes for Sale on Lake Jackson (Lake, South River, Alcovy river, and Yellow River)

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This house is on the Alcovy River
With Deep Water

This one is also on the Alcovy River
With Deep Water

Also Alcovy River Deep Water
but fairly close to Bridge

This one is on South River - Almost
directly across river from our Cove
Water about 4 foot at dock

This one is right next to Bridge
on Alcovy.. Also lot looks small

This one is on the Yellow River
(Feeds South River) Good Water
About 6-7 feet and large lot

Very Small but Deep Water would make
Great Camp or Summer Cottage
Does have 2 bedrooms $165 Thousand
This one is at other end of my road

This one looks like number one, but look
Close it's built similar, but there are
differences and this one is on main lake

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