Postal History comprises the collection, research
and study of the Post Office; its postage stamps, cancellation types, mail routes, and the various markings that facilitated the sending and receiving of mail over the ages.  These pages provide an overview of Rhode Island Postal History. Backgrounds and histories for
               individual items have been provided on most pages.

The website is divided by topic and sub-topic, with each area containing examples, (images) with histories and or background information on the exhibited items and the people and events involved. Explanation of the various postage rates, stamps and types of marking seen on the various envelopes and covers is also included.

Several areas, such as the "Town Postmarks of Rhode Island" area, which uses cropped images from the philatelic items to show a close-up view of the town postmark also include links to the full sized item with background information.

All of the miniature images and underlying text on the thumbnail pages are links to larger images with additional information for each of those items.

There is also a section, "Philatelic Primer" that explains most of the philatelic (stamp) expressions that many of you are unfamiliar with.

Lastly; the site is quite large and although most items are cross linked and every effort has been made to make navigation as easy as possible, if you need any help in locating a particular item or have questions relating to the history or background on any of the items please feel free to email the webmaster.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.

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