Commercial covers, especially Turn-of-the-Century covers are an interesting side-line to cover collecting. They may contain just a commercial address or they can be quite fancy and include company logos or graphics. For our purposes in the study of Rhode Island history, they are an important adjunct in tracing the history of Rhode Island's businesses and commerce as it pertained to the growth of the state.

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American Luggage
Works Manufacturers
Providence, RI - 1934

American Mutual Fire
Insurance Co

The American Pickle Co
Providence, RI - 1907

American Screw Co

Armour Packing Co

Arnold Numismatic Co.
Providence, RI 1909

Atlantic Tubing & Rubber Co

Stanley B. Ashbrook
Noted Philatelic Expert
Registered Mail
Philatelic Material

G. C. Barker & Sons
House & Decorative Painters
and Paint Supplies

W. E. Barrett Co. - 1903
Farm Tools - with Letter

Brown Brothers Co. - 1903
To Cabot Mfg Company
Brunswick, Maine

Brown & Sharpe 1865
Double Rate Corner Card
Possibly one of the Earliest

Part I      Part II      Part III      Part IV

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