Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1901 to 1950

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1936 Rhode Island
Tercentenary Issue

1936-37 Army/Navy Issue
Washington & Green

Famous Americans
Gilbert Stuart - 1940

Commodore Matthew Perry
At Anchor Tokyo Bay
Scott #1021 - Issued July 14, 1953

Official Seal for the USPS
Tercentenary Stamps Pkg

1912 Letter with Ashland Cancel
to Lena Wilbur South Scituate
Rare Town Cancel (Factor of 6)

1913 Providence to Turkey
Returned 6 cents due
Paid Providence - Resent
With Philatelic-Certificate

1915 US Postal Agency
Shanghai, China
Sent via Nagasaki
To Providence, RI

1925 Philatelic Cover
Scott #s 408 & 575 IMPERFS 

1925 Real Photo Postcard Bi-Sect
Tied by Homestead, RI Cancel

Dec 1928 to Providence, RI
Molly Pitcher Overprint

Part I      Part II

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