Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1846 to 1900

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There were only 5 Rhode Island related stamps issued before 1900.There were three different Oliver Hazard Perry Issues of which there are 10 variations, (with separate Scott numbers).  Perry was the hero of the Battle of Lake Erie fought in the War of 1812. He was born in South Kingston, RI.

There were two Providence Postmaster's Provisionals issued in 1846, (10X1 and 10X2 - 5c and 10c) and a reprint (10X1R and 10X2R) of those two issues in 1898. 

Links are provided on this page to scans and information concerning these issues and to Rhode Island covers, letters and postage sent between 1847 and 1900. I have also included a scan of an 1891 copy of "The Rhode Island Philatelist," published by the Rhode Island Philatelic Society.

Rhode Island Related Issues 1846 -1900

1846 Postmaster's Provisional
Providence, RI - Scott #10x1

Postmasters Provisional
Providence, RI - 10x1R
1898 Reprint - Letter B

Postmasters Provisional
Providence, RI - 10x2R
1898 Reprint - No Letter

Bogus Provisionals
Comparison & Notes


Oliver Hazard Perry
1870-71 Scott #144

Oliver Hazard Perry
1890-93 Scott #229

Oliver Hazard Perry
1894 Scott #261
Covers Mailed to/from Rhode Island Between  1848-1858 & Free Franks

1848 Letter Providence, RI
with 5 Cent Ben Franklin
Issued 1847 - Scott #1

1850 Providence, RI
5 Cent Franklin & red Grid
Scott #1 Red-Brown
James Potter Letter to NY

1 Cent Ben Franklin
Imperf - Scott # 9

3 Cent Washington
Imperf Scott #10 Type I

1854 Open Provision &
1858 French Convention
From & To Providence, RI

1856 Cover - Hiscox & Pierce
Allenton May 12 Cancel - Scott
Nr 11 - Split Lower Frame Line
described in Chase Page 69-C6

Brownish-Carmine 3 Cent
Washington issue of 1857-61
(Scott #26 - Type II)

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