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Types of Stamps - Postal Cards and Post Cards

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Types of Stamps - Postal Cards and Post Cards


A Postal Card  is postal stationary similar to a postal envelope in that the stamp is pre-printed or embossed on the card. They are usually collected as Entires but can also be collected as Cut Squares. Illustrated above is the Block Island - Southeast Lighthouse Postal Card - Scott #UX306 Issued on July 24, 1999 with First Day of Issue Cancellation. Commercially produced postcards are also collected. Some collectors prefer these unused, however Postal History Collectors prefer them postally used as they sometimes provide excellent examples of early cancellation types such as the Doane Cancel on the postcard shown below. The cards produced by the United States Postal Service with pre-printed stamps are known as Postal Cards and the commercially produced versions are known simply as Post Cards.

Introduction//Stamp Types//Collection Types//Getting Started//Associations

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