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Types of Stamps - Wildlife and Game Stamps

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Types of Stamps - Wildlife and Game Stamps

Federal Duck stamps were authorized by an act of congress in 1934 to license hunters. The revenue maintains waterfowl life in the United states. Sales to collectors were legalized in 1935. This issue is the 2001-2002 duck stamp. The stamp is void after June 30, 2002.

Duck stamps are affixed to the hunting license and signed by the issuer as shown on the left. Collectors prefer mint duck stamps which are valued much higher than the used stamps.

Duck Stamps are also issued by the individual states. This one is the 1992 Rhode Island issue. Duck stamp collecting is a fascinating specialty which offers a large variety and diversity of issues.

Individual states also issue Trout Conservation Stamps. The stamp shown at the left is an unused (mint) 1993 Rhode Island Trout Stamp. 

Introduction//Stamp Types//Collection Types//Getting Started//Associations

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