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Types of Collections - Topical
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Types of Collections - Topical

Topical Collecting is the practice of collecting only stamps relating to a single subject or theme, such as, Ships, Seashells, Birds, Trains, Wildlife, Explorers, Olympic Athletes, Lighthouses, Bridges, Disney Related Stamps, etc..

A topical collection could be as broadly encompassing as collecting all Rhode Island related stamp issues or as specific as collecting only stamps and covers that relate to Bridge Openings and Dedications as illustrated below.

Mt. Hope Bridge - 1929 Jamestown Bridge - 1040 Newport Bridge - 1969

There are many stamp dealers who specialize in selling themed or topical stamps. Most of these dealers are fair and honest, however there are a few dishonest dealers.  You can be reasonably sure that any dealers who are members of the American Stamp Dealers Association, (ASDA) and/or the American Philatelic Society (APS) are reputable dealers who won't overcharge or sell you damaged goods.

Most topical stamps and topical items are priced well within even a modest budget, thus a topical collection is a great way for a new or younger stamp collector to begin enjoying the wonderful hobby of Philately.

There are literally hundreds of stamp subjects and topical variations. Whatever your interest, you can find a stamp collection that will relate to it.

Introduction//Stamp Types//Collection Types//Getting Started//Associations

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