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Types of Collections - Postal Stationary
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Types of Collections - Postal Stationary

Postal Stationary is a catch-all term which includes Stamped Envelopes, Postal Cards, Wrappers, etc., with the stamps officially printed or embossed on the cover. These postal stationary items are all official United States Post Office products, however they have always been produced by Private Contractors.

Shown above are two Postal Stationary First Day Covers. The first cover is a Stamped Envelope for the America's Cup issue of 1980 and the second cover is the July 29, 1999 Postal Card of the Southeast Light on Block Island.

Postal Wrapper

Shown at the left is a Postal Wrapper. This cover is a 60 cent Airmail Letter Sheet for the Voyagers National Park in Minnesota issued on May 15, 1999. The printed stamp on the envelope depicts a duck in a pond.

For many years collectors of postal stationary collected what are known as Cut Squares. The stamp was cut from the cover in a square shape with part of the envelope used as a border around the stamp. Today, most postal stationary collectors prefer Entires (The entire envelope or cover).

Shown below are three cut-squares taken from stamped envelopes.

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