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Types of Collections - Special Event Covers
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Types of Collections - Special Event Covers

Event Covers can be an exciting addition to your collection. There are many types of events that can be part of a specialized collection. The collector could specialize in event covers of Sporting Events, Ship Commissionings or Sinkings, Royal Coronations, Railroad Events, or any other type of event that the collector has a special interest in. 

Collecting Event Covers also enables the collector to acquire covers of celebrities or special places for which there may not have been an actual stamp issued and allows for a much wider scope of topics than simply collecting the cover for the stamp alone.

One of my former Special Event Cover Collections was "Submarines on Eternal Patrol," (U.S. submarines sunk during World War II). These covers contain a cachet (picture) of the lost boat and were canceled on anniversaries of the actual loss. 

Illustrated below are a Railroad Event Cover - Centennial Celebration of the Hartford, Providence & Fishkill Railroad and a Sports Event Cover - New England Patriots Super Bowl Win in 2002.

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