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Types of Stamps - Se-Tenant Issues

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Types of Stamps - Se-Tenant Issues

The term Se-tenant is applied to two or more un-separated stamps having different designs and/or values. The stamps are usually part of a set of commemorative stamps. The Se-Tenant issue depicted to the right is the State Birds and Flowers issue of April 14, 1982. Each stamp on the pane is different from the others; showing the state birds and flowers from all fifty states. First Day cancels are available from each state and from Washington, D.C. Scott Catalog Numbers range from #1953 to #2003 

Se-tenant stamps are fascinating items to add to a collection. They can contain just two stamps, such as the 1975 Apollo/Soyuz issue or as many as 50 different stamps as in the example above and the 1987 Flora and Fauna issue. Older Se-tenant issues were most often issued in blocks of four, however the Post Office in later years has begun issuing Se-Tenant Souvenir Sheets with 20 face-different stamps such as the Civil War and Comic Strip Classics issues.

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