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Types of Stamps - Souvenir Sheets

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Types of Stamps - Souvenir Sheets

Souvenir Sheets consist of one or more stamps printed for a specific event or purpose. The margins usually contain an inscription and/or design describing the purpose of the issue as shown on the Endangered Species Souvenir Sheet issued on October 2, 1996 - Scott Catalog  #3105. Single Stamps from this souvenir sheet are numbered 3105a to 3105o.

A souvenir sheet might contain only one stamp as in the Landing on the Moon souvenir sheet which has a single $11.75 stamp and covered the express mail rate in 2000.

NOTE: It would probably be more correct to refer to Souvenir Sheets as Souvenir Panes. An actual full sheet of stamps contains from 200 to 400 stamps and generally consists of 4 to 6 panes of 50 to 100 stamps each. A full sheet comes right off the printing press and is not available from your local post office, but can be purchased at the USPS Philatelic Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Panes can be purchased at any Post Office branch, however they are commonly referred to as sheets.

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