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Types of Stamps - Airmail stamps

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Types of Stamps - Airmail Stamps

U.S. Airmail Stamps were issued from 1918 until 1993 for postal items delivered specifically by air. Since 1993 all first class interstate mail is delivered by air and airmail stamps are no longer required or issued in the U.S. This 1967 issue honors John James Audubon.

An interesting side note to the airmail issues are the three 1930 Zeppelin Airmail issues. They were withdrawn from sale after only 41 days and are the most valuable and sought after of all airmail stamps with the exception of the 24 cent Inverted Jenny error.

The Inverted Jenny, (inverted center, 24 cent airmail error stamp of 1918 - Scott C3a) is the 2nd most valuable of all U.S. stamps.

Introduction//Stamp Types//Collection Types//Getting Started//Associations

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