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Types of Stamps - Coil stamps

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Types of Stamps - Coil Stamps

Coil Stamps are formatted in long coiled strips for use by businesses in affixing machines or for sale from vending machines. Coil stamps have straight edges on two opposite sides and perforations on the other two except in the case of some self-adhesive stamps.

This pair of coil stamps from Canada was issued in 1963 and illustrates straight edges on the left and right sides of the stamp. The catalog used by most collectors to identify stamp issues is the Scott catalog. This issue is listed as Canada number 406i in the Scott catalog..

This  issue is Scott #601 and it is a Coil Line Pair. A Coil line pair is a pair of stamps from a rotary coil showing a colored line caused by a gap where the curved printing plate is joined. They are a favorite specialty item of collectors. Note the vertical line on the perforations separating the two stamps. 

This issue shows the straight edges on top and bottom.

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