Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1846 to 1900
1897 Cover from Joseph D. Peckham of Newport, RI
To E. P. Bicknall of Providence, RI Concerning Sale of Land

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Explanation of How to tell the 1895-1897 definitive issues apart.

The 1895 regular issue (definitive) stamps were issued with three different types of triangles, (at 4 corners of stamp). The cover above was issued with a triangle as shown in the third example, (Type III & IV - lines do not extend through the outer triangle) and is carmine in color.  The 1897 (Type IV) issue had additional changes to the stamp design: The hairline was re-cut and lengthened, additional dots were added in the area of the ears and the lines on the sleeve are bolder. These changes are not present in the stamp on the cover above and the date of the letter itself, (Feb 97) proves that it is not an 1897 type IV carmine issue, which was not issued until November of that year.  Thus, we can state that the stamp is a Type III from the 1895 issue,  and the color, (carmine) identifies this stamp as Scott 267.

Text Reproduced Below
Spelling and Punctuation were not corrected, but copied as originally written.

Newport February 16th 1897

Mr. E. P. Bicknall

Dear Sir       

You stated in your letter of January 27 what we would be willing to sell the lot called the Marsh Meadow  I will Sell it for one half of which you ask for yours adjoining it.  I will also sell the 18 ackers with Buildings there an at the same rate on the opisite side of the road  I have Traded with Mr King and straitened the line on the east  Still holding the same number of ackers but it gives me more Frontage on the avenue  My Frontage on Harison avenue is nearly out to Mr Morgans

                                                     Very Truly Yours

                                                     Joseph D Peckham

Map of Harrison Avenue - Newport, Rhode Island

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