Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1846 to 1900
May 12, 1856 Cover to B. R. Aubrey & Son - Providence, RI
From Hiscox and Pierce - Allenton, Rhode Island
Scott Number 11 - Brownish Carmine Variety - Split Lower Frameline described in Chase - Page 69
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1856 May 12 Allenton Cancel

Split Lower Frame Line

Hiscox & Pierce Docketing

The 3 cent Imperforate Washington,
(Scott Nr. 11) issue has several varieties including colors, cracked or worn plate, recutting, double transfers and experimental perforated versions of both Perf 11 and Perf 12.5. The stamp on this cover and shown at right with a blowup of the split frame below is listed in "The 3c stamp of U.S. 1851-57 Issue" by Carroll Chase The Brownish-Carmen variety was issued in 1851-52 and again in 1856. This is the 1856 variety.

The cover was sent and canceled from Allenton, Rhode Island. The Allenton Post Office, (North Kingstown Township, Washington County) was established on February 18, 1850 under Postmaster William H. Allen. The post office was disestablished and consolidated with the Wickford Post Office under the name of "North Kingstown" on November 15, 1957.

I believe the addressee is B. R. Aubrey & Son, however the penmanship is poor and the name could also be B. R. Abury & Son. I have found records of both Aubreys and Aburys in Rhode Island, but nothing to lead me directly to a possible match.

The Hiscox of Hiscox & Pierce is most likely Thomas Jefferson Hiscox listed on the 1850 census for North Kingstown, RI and born in 1801. The second half of the firm is probably Samuel Pierce listed on the 1860 census as living in North Kingstown and born in 1799. Thomas Hiscox's occupation is listed as boatman and the firm may have been in the boat building industry.

Postmaster William H. Allen was born 1812 and is listed on the 1860 North Kingstown census as a Merchant. The census lists a wife - Mary W, two sons - Samuel D and William W, and another female residing with the family named Lucy E. Greene, (Possibly the sister of Mary).


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