Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1846 to 1900
1854 Open Provision Cover Via British Packet

This letter was sent via New York,  Liverpool and Calais to Mrs. Marshall Woods in Paris, France "in care of" Messrs Greene & Co., Bankers. The cover's markings include:
(Providence May 1st Red Serifed CDS & Black Straight Line Paid), (
Script Red 5 & Hand Stamped red 5), (Red Serifed New York - British Packet CDS), (Red Paris, France 16 May Double Ring serifed CDS), and (26 Cents Due in Black Script). The total cost of sending this letter was 31 cents; 5 cents was prepaid for the American Service, (Providence to New York) and 26 cents was due from Mrs. Marshall in Paris for the British Packet and French service.

Paris (Black) & Calais (Red) Cancels on Cover Reverse - 15 & 16 May 1854

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