Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1846 to 1900
1 Cent Ben Franklin - Scott #24  Type V - Perforated  15 1/2 - On Cover
With What Appears to be a Newport, RI Cancel
The cover has poetry written all over the reverse side and dated 1860.

The first United States postage stamps were issued in imperforate sheets containing two panes of 100 stamps each on July 1, 1847. The first two issues were the 5 cent Ben Franklin and the 10 cent George Washington. This issue was discontinued in 1851 and new stamps including the 1 Cent imperforate Ben Franklin were issued from 1851 to 1857. In 1857 the first perforated stamps were issued. The stamp on the cover above is one of the first stamps issued with perforations between the individual stamps.

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