Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1901 to 1950
December 6, 1928 Letter with Mail Early for Christmas
Providence Slogan Cancel on Molly Pitcher Overprint Stamp

Dr. Benschoten to Mr. W. H. Congdon in Oaklawn, RI

This cover was mailed in December two months after the issuing of the Molly Pitcher Stamp. The stamp, (Scott Nr. 648) is an overprint with the words "Molly Pitcher" imprinted in black ink over the 2 Cent-Carmine George Washington Rotary Press issue (Scott Nr. 634) of 1926.

The Molly Pitcher stamp was issued on October 20, 1928 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the
"Battle of Monmouth" and Molly Pitcher, the heroine of that battle. The stamp is valued higher on cover than it is in mint condition. The cover has been canceled with a nice Providence slogan cancel, "Mail Early For Christmas."

There is some question as to whether Molly Pitcher was a real person or a bit of folklore. The person most often suggested as being the actual Molly Pitcher is Mary Hays McCauley. Many historians believe that Molly Pitcher was a conglomerate of the various women who served as water carriers for the Continental Army. These women carried water to swab the cannons, not for drinking. One of the many legends surrounding Molly Pitcher is that General Washington appointed her a Non-Commissioned Officer after the battle.

It is said the Molly (or Mary McCauley) carried water for her husband's cannon during the battle and after he was wounded she manned the cannon herself for the duration of the battle.

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