Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1901 to 1950
August 30, 1925 Philatelic Cover with 1912 & 1925 Imperforates Attached
Scott #408 (1 Cent Washington Dark Green)

Scott #575 (1 Cent Franklin Green)

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I have labeled this cover as a philatelic cover because the usage appears to have been for the purpose of creating a collectable cover. The reason for assuming the philatelic usage of this cover is that the Washington 1c stamp was issued in March 1912 and the Franklin 1c stamp was issued in March 1923. Scott's 2002 Specialized U.S. Catalog lists the 1912 stamp on cover as $1.00 and the 1923 Stamp used on commercial cover at $100.00 and on a philatelic cover for $8.00. The stamps are tied by an August 30, 1925 Providence, RI CDS. There is no price guide for both stamps together on a philatelic cover, but I would estimate the value of  the cover at $15 to $20.

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