Rhode Island Stamp Issues and Covers 1901 to 1950
August 14, 1935 Postcard  Real Photo - Union Church at Prudence Island
2 Cent Bi-Sect Tied by Homestead, RI CDS

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Bisect or Fractional Usage of a Stamp:
A stamp which has been cut in half (usually diagonally) to be used as two separate stamps. This method was utilized during the 19th century when lower denomination stamps were unavailable.

This is the second 1930 era Bi-Sect that I have come across. I am of the opinion that both were created by collectors for philatelic non-commercial usage. This postcard was mailed from Homestead, Rhode Island to Brockton, Massachusetts with a 2 Cent Carmine, (Red) Washington Regular Issue - Scott #634

The Post Office at Homestead, Rhode Island, (Portsmouth Township, Newport County) was established on March 3, 1913. The first Postmaster was Madison H. Cram. The Post office was disestablished on February 1, 1950 and the name changed to Prudence Island. The Postmaster at the time of this change was Mrs. Louise B. Chase. The Post Office is currently in operation.

The message on the postcard appears to be humorous in nature from one friend to another and states:

I had a pain in the neck so I underwent a slight operation. Wishing you the same I am cordially No Tell a Lie Boy.   

NOTE: This item has been stored in an album using hinges which can be seen at the top two corners on the front (picture side) of the card. It also at one time was attached to another item with two paper clips. (The paperclip impressions are quite evident on the reverse side.)

I could not find a date for the establishment of the Union Church on Prudence Island, but it is one of the older structures on the island. I did note that as of May 2004; the church was still in use.

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