1901-1950 Issues and Covers
1913 Returned to Sender and Resent Cover - 6 Cents Postage Due
From Providence, RI to Constantinople, Turkey
T/30 Centimes Opera Glass Postmark at Bottom Left

The well-traveled  Advertising Cover above was originally sent from the George E. Darling Company in Providence, Rhode Island on September 24, 1913 to Constantinople, Turkey with insufficient franking and insufficient address. It was franked with a 2-cent Carmine issued in 1912 and canceled with a Providence Flag Cancel.  It arrived in Constantinople on October 10, 1913 where it was canceled  with the  T - N.Y. - 30 Centimes B - Opera Glass Postmark. It was then returned through New York, where it received the 6 Cents Due Postmark on October 22 and returned to the sender in Providence where the 1-cent Postage-Due and the 5 cent Parcel-Post Postage-Due were added to the cover. The cover was then resent to Constantinople. The Cover is accompanied by a 2003 Philatelic Foundation Certificate of Authenticity.

The stamps on this cover are:

2- Cent Washington Definitive / Carmine Type I / Issued February 1912 / Scott #406
1-Cent Postage-Due / Deep-Claret / Pre-Canceled / Issued August 30, 1910 / Scott #J45
5-Cent Parcel-Post Postage-Due / Dark-Green / Pre-Canceled / Issued 1913 / Scott #JQ3
(The 5-Cent Parcel-Post Postage-Due lists for $185.00 on cover in the Scott 2001 Specialized.)

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