Rhode Island First Day of Issue Covers
Greetings From America - Rhode Island Issue
34 Cent Issue of April 4, 2002 - Scott #3599

Cachet is by FPMG with Block Island Southeast Lighthouse

My father skippered a 65 foot commercial head-boat (Party Fishing boat that charges by the head) for many years named Kiniksu (Japanese for Surgeon). I worked part time in the summers for him as a mate, which meant that I scrubbed decks, cleaned fish and did what ever other jobs nobody else wanted to do. I loved it! One of our fishing holes of last resort on a poor day at all of the off shore ledges such as Cox's was the South East Ledge off of Block Island. You could catch Cod, Flounder, Tautog (Blackfish), Sea Bass, and Pollock there. There was also an abundance of a ugly looking member of the eel family that was all teeth and head, but not bad eating that we called a Congo Eel.

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