Rhode Island Stampless Covers & Letters
June 6, 1838 Free Franked Letter with Providence CDS
From Philip Crasso to Joseph L. Tillinghast - Washington City

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The Letter is dated June 6, 1838 from Philip Crasso to Joseph L. Tillinghast in Washington, DC and concerns some type of personal appointments. The cover is canceled with a Red Providence, June 6, CDS. and is marked with a Red F, (for Free Franking Privilege). The Free Franking privilege was extended to the President, Vice President, cabinet members, Postmaster General Senate and Congress.

The Franking privilege also included the right to receive mail free. This letter was sent free to Representative Tillinghast, the Franker under that privilege.

Joseph Leonard Tillinghast was born in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1791. He was a fifth generation descendant of Pardon Tillinghast, one of the original proprietors of Providence, Rhode Island. Joseph Tillinghast was a United States Representative from 1837 to 1843.

The letter was a little hard to read in places as the penmanship is jagged in some spots; almost as if the writer had palsy. I was unable to translate the word after "letter as."

SEE: November 1817 Joseph Tillinghast Letter for additional Biographical Information

The text of the letter Follows below:


                                    Prov June 6th 1838

    Dear Sir,    
              Yours of the 2nd is received. I am unable to write more than you will now receive. What would you say to Samuel Atwell and Judge Durfee in addition to the names given in your letter as ?? Let me have an early answer.

                    Yours Respectfully,
                    Philip Crasso

Hon Joseph L. Tillinghast

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