Rhode Island Stampless Covers                  Part I

1751 Stampless Folded Letter
via Captain Northrup
from R. Partridge - London England
To Arthur Fenner - Providence, RI

1766 Letter from Alex Willock - Antigua
Discusses Rum, Sugar & Slaves 
To Samuel & William Vernon
in Newport, RI via Brigantine Othello

1767 Colonial Letter
Champion & Dickason - London
to Samuel & William Vernon - Newport

1800 Stampless Folded Letter Signed by Christopher Perry
to U.S. Branch Bank
New York - Bills of Lading
& Cover Not Included
1800 Letter from  Secretary
of the Treasury - Oliver
Walcott to William Ellery -
Collector of Port of Newport, RI Docketing in Ellery's
Handwriting - Signer Declaration Independence

1807 SFL - Chepachet, RI Script Cancel
Owen Brothers to Cornelius Williams
with Great Barrington Script Cancel
Land Sale, Quit Claim, Notary Docs
(Earliest Known Use of Chepachet Script)

1812 Signed Letter Sec. Treas. A. J. Dallas
To Commodore John Rogers
on USS President at Newport, RI

1812 War Correspondence
General Dearborn - Colonel Kingsbury
Request for Rhode Island Troops

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