Rhode Island Stampless Covers & Letters
1815 Power of Attorney to Joseph L. Tillinghast
Joseph Emerick - Ordinary Seaman -
Privateer "Young Wasp"
To collect share of Prize money from Prize Agent
 in Philadelphia at 3/4 of one Share
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    Know all men by these presents that whereas I Joseph Emerick of Philadelphia am entitled as ordinary seaman to three quarters of a share of all the prize money & proceeds of service of prizes made by the private armed ship Young Wasp of Philadelphia in & during her first cruise in the late war as addressed by the ship's books of which privateer and of the prizes the log made by Currier of Philadelphia as owner & agent.
    Now know Ye that I have constituted and do hereby constitute & appoint Joseph L. Tillinghast Esq of Providence, R.I. my true & lawful attorney for me & in my name to ask, demand, receive therefore & recover & give sufficient discharge & receipts for all & every sum or sums of money, goods, wares, & property of whatever description which I have any right to claim arising from the said cruise of the privateer Young Wasp of, from & to the said agent or any other prize agent of said ship or proper person whatever -- & he for replacement in the promises & my name to sign in & before any court or tribunal & before any agent, owner or magistrate whatever for the purpose of recovery of which from funds or property due me on aforesaid to & for my use -- with power to substitute an attorney or attorneys under him for the same purpose -- Hereby engaging to satisfy & hold firm & valid all that my said attorney, his fiduciary or fiduciaries shall do in the preceding - Carefully by virtue hereof 
    In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand here this nineteenth day of August A.D. 1815 at Providence. 
Seen for & Witnessed
     Benge Cowell

Joseph Emerick

                                         Providence R. I. & Providence --- ---
                                         August 19th 1815
                                         The Above person, Joseph Emerick then duly acknowledged the
                                         foregoing to be his voluntary auth & letter of attorney
                                                                 Before me
                                                                 Wm Leonard   Jus of Peace


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