Rhode Island Air Mail Covers
National Air Mail Week - First Flight May 19, 1938
From the Bristol, RI Post Office to Hillsgrove Airport

The cover above was sent on May 19, 1938 from Bristol, RI to to the Hillsgrove Airport. It was then forwarded to Mr. Frank H. French in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. There were a great many special covers sent from different areas around the country for the celebration of National Air Mail Week. Some of them, such as the one shown above were quite colorful and well designed.

The cover is franked with the "6-cent Eagle holding Shield, Olive Branch and Arrows" issued on May 14, 1938. The colors are dark-blue and carmine, (Scott #C29). While this cover is not a First day cancel, it is still a very early usage of the issue. The stamp is tied to the cover with a Bristol, Rhode Island Circular Date Stamp (CDS).

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