Rhode Island Air Mail Covers
February 14, 1927 Airmail - Providence to Chicago
with Sherman Hotel Time Stamp on reverse

The Embossed Stationary cover shown above was sent from ASA Peck & Co. in Providence, RI on February 14, 1927 to the Sherman Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The envelope is the the "2-cent Washington, Carmine on Oriental Buff - Die 7" issued in 1916, (Scott #U431e). This envelope was issued using nine different dies. Die 7 issues can be identified by the large head (91/4 mm), short top stroke on T in cents, and the numeral two's slopping to the right.

The Postal Act of February 2, 1925 created a rate of 10 cents per ounce for Air Mail distances up to 1000 miles, 15 cents between 1000 and 1500 miles and 20 cents for over 1500 miles. The 10-cent, 15-cent and 20-cent "Map and Two Mail Planes" of 1925-26(Scott #s C7, C8 and C9) were issued to cover the new rates. The 10-cent dark-blue is Scott #C7 and was added to cover the airmail rate from Providence to Chicago. The straight-line distance from Providence to Chicago is 838 miles. Since the 10 cent stamp covers the entire rate; this cover was overpaid by the two cents inherent in the stamped envelope.

The cover also bears the typed message "Hold for Arrival," indicating that Mr. Harold B. Congdon was an employee of Asa Peck & Company and had not yet arrived when the cover was sent. Most likely Mr. Congdon traveled by rail.

The reverse of the cover bears a unique circular time stamp placed there by the Sherman Hotel.
SEE: Reverse of Cover

Harold B. Congdon was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1889. He is listed in the 1930 Providence Census as a Woolens Salesman. He was married to Ethel P. Congdon and they had two daughters; Marjorie and Janet.

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