Rhode Island Air Mail Covers
May 25, 1939 Air Mail Corner Card
San Francisco to Providence, Rhode Island
Golden Gate International Exposition Label on Reverse

The above Air Mail Corner Card was sent from Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Co. in San Francisco, California to the Rhode Island Fittings Co. in Providence, RI on May 25, 1939. It is franked with with a pair of  "deep-violet -Washington by Gilbert Stuart" vertically perforated coil stamps, (Scott #721 - issued 1932). The Stamps are tied with a San Francisco "Golden Gate" slogan cancel. The cover has a "Via Air Mail" gummed label at the left lower corner of the face with a Hillsgrove, RI Receiving Cancel and a "Golden Gate International Exposition" label on the reverse. SEE: Reverse of Cover

The Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Co. dealt in wholesale hardware. I found a great many references to this company and it seems they were in business in sometime before 1849 as they supplied picks and shovels to the Forty-Niners during the gold rush of that year. I also found a reference to their ordering and selling specially made Winchester 21 double barrel shotguns, (a very famous and sought after model). I could find no reference to a Rhode Island Fittings Company, but must assume that they also dealt in hardware.

The Golden Gate International Exposition of 1939, (or the California World's Fair) was held on Treasure Island and was a tribute on and a window to the "Nations of the Pacific." In a letter to the mayor of San Francisco, President Roosevelt stated, "Unity of the Pacific nations is America's concern and responsibility. San Francisco stands at the doorway to the sea that roars upon the shores of all these nations; and so to the Golden Gate International Exposition, I gladly entrust a solemn duty. May this, America's world's fair on the pacific in 1939, truly serve all nations."

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