Rhode Island Air Mail Covers
August 6, 1943 Air Mail Returned to Sender by Censor
H. Barlow in Lonsdale to William Barlow
(Address blanked out by Censor Label)

The Air Mail cover above was sent during World War II (August 6, 1942) from H. Barlow in Lonsdale to his son William Barlow serving in the United States Armed Forces. The cover is marked with the typical "Examined By" at the left and also bears a "Returned to Sender by Censor" label covering the recipient address. (It is possible that Mr. Barlow Senior wrote out the actual address rather than the "APO" address, which would have been confidential information.)

The Stamp is the "15 cent James Buchanan" from the Presidential definitive series of 1938 to 1954. and is tied to the cover by a Valley Falls Circular Date Stamp, (CDS). This post office was a branch of the Pawtucket Post Office and was in service from 1908 to 1942.

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