Rhode Island Commercial & Illustrated Mail
Perforated Pad Company - Woonsocket, RI
Illustrated Saddle Pad No. 602
Scott #U311 Postal Stationary -  Issued 1887 to 1894

There is an interesting story connected with this company.

On November 1, 1974, the United States Consumer Product Safety Division issued a consumer warning to the public and in particular horse owners that between 5,000 and 10,000 Alaskan Hair Saddle Pads sold after January 1974 could be contaminated with anthrax spores.

The warning stated the following: "The saddle pads are about three-quarters to one-inch thick with cotton duck quilt on one side and exposed short coarse grayish-black colored animal hair on the other side. They range in sizes from about 26 by 28 inches to 30 by 30 inches.

The pads may bear a three-by-five inch blue label on the quilted side that includes the name of the manufacturer and one of six style numbers: 238, 238R, 500, 500R, 832 and 832R.

Consumers who own one of these saddle pads should place the product in a sealed double plastic bag and call a local or state health department for disposal instructions.

The pads retailed for $5 to $7 each and the Perforated Pad Company voluntarily refunded the price of the pads to all customers.

NOTE: I could find no further information about this company and it appears that they have gone out of business. They may have become bankrupt as a result of this recall.

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