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Commercial Cover on Postal Stationary - August 6, 1938
Narragansett Park - Racing News - Pawtucket, RI - 1934-1978

Narragansett Park first opened in Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1934. During the middle of the twentieth century, horse racing was a huge sport in Rhode Island with a second track, (Lincoln Downs) opening in 1947 at Lincoln, RI.

At the height of its popularity, Narragansett Park attracted Newport millionaires, sports celebrities and movie stars. The average attendance during its heyday was over 40,000 daily.

During the 60s and 70s  interest in horse  racing waned in Rhode Island and that, along with poor management decisions caused the park to begin loosing money. Lincoln Downs was in similar straits, however in 1977 they switched to Greyhound Racing and are still in business today.  In 1977, the state attempted to help "Gansett," as it was known locally, by passing a law allowing them to keep more of the take. However, by this time the park's average daily attendance had slipped  to under 3000 and "Gansett" closed for good in 1978. 

Today, the area where the old horse track once stood, is now an industrial park.

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