Rhode Island Commercial & Illustrated Mail
AD Card from Brown Brothers - Providence RI, December 12, 1903
To Cabot Mfg. Co. - Brunswick Maine - Order Confirmation
On 1 Cent McKinley Postal Card - Scott #UX18 of 1902
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The Brown Brothers Company was incorporated in 1893 by Daniel Russell Brown, President/Treasurer and Milton B. Brown, Secretary. The company manufactured various kinds of mill supplies as depicted on the postcard above.

Daniel Brown became the proprietor of a mill supply store owned by Cyrus White in January of 1870. Within 3 months he had formed a partnership with William Butler and the Company became known as Butler, Brown and Company. In 1877 the company became Brown Brothers and Company and was incorporated in 1893 as Brown Brothers Company; one of the largest mill supply companies in the country. 

Daniel Brown was born on March 28, 1848 in Bolton Connecticut to Arba and Harriet Brown. He spent his early years on his father's farm and attending the local Bolton schools. He was a graduate of both Manchester and Hartford Academies. His first job was as a clerk in a hardware store in Rockville, Connecticut.

Daniel Brown was a staunch member of the Republican Party and in 1880 was elected as a member of the Providence City Council. He was a member of the state's presidential electors in 1888 and in 1892 he was elected Governor of Rhode Island. Governor Brown served until 1895. In 1896, prior to the Republican Convention, he was New England's selection for Vice President.

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