Rhode Island Commercial & Illustrated Mail
Commercial Postcard - Vaughan Shipyard, Inc - Wickford, RI
With the Marina Boat Slip Rates on Reverse

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This is an Advertising Postcard for Vaughan's Shipyard and Marina - Circa 1940. The shipyard is located off Steamboat Avenue in Wickford, Rhode Island. It is known simply as Wickford Shipyard today. I don't know who the current owners are. 

I got a real kick out of the Slip rates; can you imagine six months for only $150.00 for a 50 foot slip? Last year, I paid $65.00 a month for a slip just barely big enough for an 18 footer and this in Louisiana where costs are much less. A slip that big today, would cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $400.00 a month or more.

The shipyard section is located where you see the large building (middle right side) in the postcard. (See also: Postcard - Entrance to South Cove) for a better view of the building. The boat slips can be seen extending from and just to the left of the building.

I have placed a Map of Wickford Harbor on a separate page showing the location of the Wickford Shipyard and other small shipyards and marinas located around the harbor.

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