Rhode Island Water Fowl & Fishing Stamps
1990 Rhode Island Waterfowl Issue
(2nd RI Duck Stamp)
Canceled at Providence, RI on September 17, 1991

This Duck Stamp Commemorative Cover was hand painted by Millford for Collins Cachets. The cover art depicts a Labrador Retriever and Mallard ducks.

The Labrador Retriever actually originated in Newfoundland. They were first used in the Newfoundland area by fishermen to haul in fishing nets and retrieve fish that fell off hooks. 

Labrador's have one of the friendliest and gentle personalities of all dog breeds, yet they are capable of working under very extreme and harsh conditions. 

It is believed that both the Labrador and the Newfoundland came from the same original stock. They are used extensively in Rhode Island and other New England states on duck and Canadian Geese hunts. 

One of the best treatises I have ever read compares the relative merits of the Labrador Retriever against the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The story is a chapter of the book, Chesapeake by James Michener.

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