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Dedication of the Jamestown Bridge - August 3, 1940

The original Jamestown Bridge was built in 1940 and connected the township of North Kingston at Plum Point with Jamestown Island. The bridge was 6893 feet long and it's roadway was 22 feet wide consisting of two lanes. It's center Cantilever span was 135 feet above the water. The original bridge was replaced with a new bridge (The Verrazzano Jamestown Bridge) in 1992 .  The toll was 35 cents on this bridge when I growing up during the fifties. The toll was later removed; however after the new Jamestown Bridge was built along with the Claiborne Pell (Newport) Bridge, (completed in 1969) the combined toll was $2.00 without a token. The Newport Bridge replaced the old ferry which cost a dime to ride as a pedestrian.

The old bridge has been declared a hazard to navigation by the U.S. Coast Guard and current plans are to dump the debris from the old bridge off-shore to create artificial reefs. As of this date, no definite location has been chosen.

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