Rhode Island Illustrated Patriotic Covers
Spanish American War of 1898 Patriotic Cover
With October 12, 1898 Providence Oval

October 12, 1898 Patriotic Cover sent during the Spanish American War of 1898 from Providence, Rhode Island to Cranston & Co. at Norwich, Connecticut.

The First Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry was mustered into service in May of 1898 at Quonset Point, Rhode island. The unit contained 46 officers and 958 enlisted men. It was the only infantry regiment raised in Rhode Island for the Spanish-American War. It was mustered out of service on March 30, 1899 at Columbia, South Carolina.

The unit served within the continental states and never saw combat, however records indicate that 11 enlisted men died from disease, 1 enlisted man died as a result of an accident and 35 enlisted men were discharged on account of disability. In addition 13 enlisted men were court-martialed and 89 enlisted men deserted the unit.

The First Rhode Island was commanded by Colonel Charles W. Abbot Jr. with Lieutenant Colonel Frank A. Cook as his Executive Officer.

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