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1944 Censored Cover From Jubbulpore, India
to Mrs. Bruce Perry in Cranston, Rhode Island

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View Reverse of Cover
with Crown and
Passed Marking

The Censored Cover above was sent from Jubbulpore, India on May 23, 1944. The cover is franked with three 1941-43 King George VI definitive issues; the 1/2 Anna  Rose-Violet, 1 Anna Carmine-Rose, and the 11/2 Anna Dark-Purple, (Scott #s 169, 171, and 172A). The stamps are tied to the cover with two faint Jubbulpore Circular Date Stamps, (CDS).  A censor strip is affixed to the left of the cover and reads, "Opened by Examiner." The reverse of the cover contains a return address and a "Passed" (by censor) marking.

Bruce Perry was born on October 29, 1911 in Providence, RI. He was the son of Edwin B. and Elsa Perry, (born in Germany). Bruce Perry died in September 1978 in Essex, Connecticut

Jubbulpore, India (also spelled Jabalpur) is a city in Madya Pradesh state in central India. Jubbulpore lies just north of the Narmada River. It is one of the largest cities in the state and is located on a major road and rail junction. Jubbulpore is military headquarters for the Indian Army and is host to a gun-carriage factory, an ordinance factory, and an ammunition depot. (It was headquarters for the British Devonshire Regiment during the Colonial period.)

An interesting side-note concerning the city and the British Regiment is that the game of snooker was supposedly invented there as a game for British soldiers during the 1870s.

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