Independent Mail & Local Carrier - Covers and Stamps
American Letter Mail Company - Providence to Boston
To Messrs. Tileston & Hollingsworth - November 15, 1844

The cover above was mailed from Providence, RI by B. R. Almy & Co. to Tileston & Hollingsworth at 110 State Street, Boston, MA on November 15, 1844. It was carried by the American Letter Mail Company as indicated by the small red hand-stamp in the upper right corner, which reads, "Collect - 61/4 cts - Boston Office." The red stamp measures 10mm x 17mm and was in use from 1844 to 1845

The letter is a bill from B. R. Almy and Co to Tileston & Hollingsworth for two orders of "Bleached Strips," (21 bags weighing  3320 lbs and 24 bags weighing 4737 lbs) for a total cost of $644.56. I assume these were textile products.

The "American Stampless Cover Catalog - Volume II" states, "The American Letter Mail Company was founded by Lysander Spooner in 1844 and carried mail between Philadelphia, New York, Providence and Boston." The company ceased operations in 1845. Mail from Philadelphia to Providence or Boston would have traveled overland to New York and thence by steam ship to Stonington, CT, where it would have been placed aboard the New York, Providence and Boston Railroad for the completion of its journey. The cover above was placed aboard the train at Providence and sent to Boston. The Catalog values this independent mail service marking at $150.00.

Benjamin R. Almy was born on January 11, 1810 in Portsmouth, RI. He was a fifth generation descendant of Christopher Almy, (born 1632 - South Kilworth, Lancaster County, England - died January 30, 1713 - Portsmouth, RI.). Benjamin married Sophia Allen, (born May 25, 1815 - died February 12, 1893) on January 18, 1845. The 1860 New Bedford Census list him as a merchant and living in that town. Benjamin Almy died while traveling from Rhode Island to New Bedford  on March 15, 1892. (The Almy in the firm of Almy & Brown was William Almy.)

The Letter reads as follows:

Messrs Tileston & Hollingsworth
                                 To B R Almy & Co
Sept 27 For 24 Bags 4737 # Bleached Strips @ 84 $378.96
Nov 15 "      21   "     3320                  DV            8    265.60

                       Prov__  Novm__  15th  1844
       Messrs T & H
                                       Above you have Bill
of strips 21 bags 3320 lbs we have delivered
at depot this day. The 24 bags 4737 lbs
we sent you a bill of at that time -- Please
send us your check for the above amt
$644.56 and oblige
                                    Yours Respectfully,
                                    Benj R. Almy & Co

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