Rhode Island Picture Post Cards
Wickford (North Kingstown) Town Hall Circa 1955

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This postcard was sent sometime during the mid 1950's. The year in the date-stamp has been removed; apparently the card was placed in an album at one time using a hinge mount placed at that spot and when removed took the date along with it. The postcard was sent at the 2 cent rate which first came into use during 1952. In addition, is is franked with a 2 cent Jefferson definitive stamp which was first issued as part of the presidential series of 1954. The rate for postcards increased to 3 cents in 1958. Thus, this card must have been sent between the years 1954 and 1958.

The old Wickford Town Hall is still in use today and looks much the same as it did in this postcard. The last time I saw the building was in 1968. I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia on the USS Northampton at the time and was home on a visit. While there, I paid the town property tax on a vehicle I still had registered to Rhode Island. (The assessor's office was located in the Town Hall.) The car was a 1967 Rambler American that I had bought from Tarbox Motors on Tower Hill Road in North Kingstown. Of course, American Motors is long gone, however the dealer is still located in the same place and now sells Pontiacs and Jeeps.

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