Rhode Island Picture Post Cards
Painting of the SS Larchmont by Captain Ellery F. Thompson
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I bought this postcard because it compliments the original 1907 postcards.

SEE: Sinking of the Steamer SS Larchmont - February 11, 1907

Although the card is a fairly recent one the picture on the face is of a famous painting of the Larchmont by Captain Ellery F. Thompson

Ellery F. Thompson was born in Mystic, Connecticut on April 2, 1899. Captain Thompson was a well respected fisherman who operated a commercial dragger out of Stonington, Connecticut until about 1958 after which he retired from fishing, but continued to paint until his death in 1986. Captain Thompson was also the author of an autobiography, "Draggerman's Haul: The Personal history of a Connecticut Fishing Captain."

Captain Thompson's first boat was the 44 foot dragger "Louise" and his last boat was named "Eleanor." Stonington sits near the border with Rhode Island and very close to Watch Hill, RI. Although only 8 years old at the time; Captain Thompson would have been very familiar with the story of the sinking of the Larchmont. (I am sure that every schoolboy living in the area talked about nothing else for weeks after the event.)

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