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New Bostitch Factory - East Greenwich, RI - Completed in 1957
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The Postcard was sent in 1962 to Chatham, Ontario, Canada at the 4 cent international rate. The card message reads:

Hi Minnie & Mucle. How are you both. We are both fine. This is one of the factories not far from where we live. My cat is watching me write this. The weather is nice today. Bye for now. Yvonne and Bob

The new Bostitch Factory was constructed on Route 2 - East Greenwich, RI in 1957. The plant is located on an 84 acre tract of land. It is 3 football fields in length and almost two football fields in width. Bostitch has been a household name in the stapler industry since before my time, however I do remember seeing the new factory right after it was finished in 1957. I was 12 at the time.

In 1896 Thomas Briggs invented a new kind of wire stitcher designed for fastening books, calendars, checks, and other items. Briggs' new machine made staples or stitches from a coil of wire and was called the Boston Wire Stitcher. The original company took it's name from the new machine and was called the Boston Wire Stitcher Company.

The company's most important contribution to the business world was the invention of the first Cemented Strip Staples in 1924 for use in their desk stapler. They produced their first desk stapler in 1914, but at that time staples were shipped loose and singly in a tray.

In 1948 The Boston Wire Stitcher Company was officially renamed Bostitch Incorporated. The company has continued over the years to introduce new products and innovations in the fastening field and in 1965 they invented the first Coil Nailer.

In 1986 Bostitch was acquired by The Stanley Works of New Britain, Connecticut.

For more Information about Stanley Bostitch; visit the Stanley Bostitch Web-Page.

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