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Scallop Fishing Fleet - East Greenwich, RI - Circa 1940
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During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, East Greenwich was the center of the Rhode Island scallop fishing industry. Growing up in Rhode Island, fishing and digging for clams, (Quahogging) was a natural part of our daily life. By the mid 50's when I was around 10 and became active in shell- fishing;  the scallops were mostly gone from the bay. I don't remember ever going after scallops in Narragansett Bay.
However, when I was much younger, (I think around 5 or 6), I do remember a scalloping trip that I took with my Uncle Royce, (a Montauk, Long Island Lobsterman). Dad, Uncle Fred and I met up with Uncle Royce at Barnes Landing near East Hampton, L.I. and we put his skiff in the water and went tonguing for scallops. We had two of the devices (pictured at left) with us and we worked the edges of the bay until we had about two bushels full of these delectable little critters.
For those of you who have never had the pleasure of real "Bay Scallops," there is no finer tasting shellfish in existence.  Most restaurants serve up what are known as "Sea Scallops," larger, courser, and not near as tasty. In addition, many restaurants substitute "Skate Wings" labeled as scallops, (made with a cookie cutter from the flesh of a skate). There are still a few restaurants around that serve up the real McCoy, however and it will be well worth your time to search out one of these. If you don't become hooked, then you're just not a real seafood lover.

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