Rhode Island Picture Post Cards
The Towers - Old Narragansett Casino - 1912

THE TOWERS are an impressive stone structure that arches over the roadway in Narragansett, RI. It is the last remaining section of the famous Narragansett Pier Casino which was the center of the summer social resort season in the late 1800s. The Casino and several hotels across the street burned in a fire in 1900. The Casino was rebuilt again in 1905 but years of neglect left only the towers standing and then another major fire in 1965 almost destroyed the towers. The town of Narragansett renovated the towers in 1968 and today it houses the local chamber of commerce and hosts exhibits. The upper level is available for events. The Coastguard House is a restaurant that is located to the seaward and south side of the old towers. (The last time I was in Narragansett and dined at the Coastguard House, I had what was known as a clambake dinner. I  noticed from their online menu that it is no longer offered. I would have considered making a special trip back to RI just for that Clambake dinner.)

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