Rhode Island Picture Post Cards
Two Private Mailing Cards (PMC) Sent January 2, 1907
Mailed on the same day with 1 cent Ben Franklin Definitives
There is only one message continued from the first to the second card.
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On May 19, 1898, the United States Congress enacted a law giving private printers permission to print and sell postcards. These cards were all issued with the inscription Private Mailing Card and are referred to by collectors as PMC's. On December 24, 1901 permission was given to use the word Postcard on the back of the cards These undivided-back postcards, (only the address was to appear on the back) were issued until 1907, after which divided back postcards came into general use.

The two Private Mailing Cards shown above, were mailed from Providence, Rhode Island to Miss Alice McCarthy in Newport, RI on January 2, 1907. They were both sent with 1 cent Ben Franklin definitive stamps attached and canceled with Providence Flag Cancels. The first card shows the new Train Station in Providence, I'm not sure where the second picture was taken.

NOTE: This is a very late usage of Private Mailing Cards as the undivided-back Post cards had been in use for 6 years by this time.

The message in two parts, is reproduced below.

Postcard 1 begins:
W. H. says that I can not come home until Friday as she can not leave until then. I have tried to tease her to come home with me today but she

Postcard 2 continues:
won't. We will start from here 4 pm Friday. We will get home at about 6:30 pm Friday. I have had a very lonesome vacation. I shall be very glad to get home.

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