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1910 Rumford Chemical Works Advertising Postcard
Providence CDS - Sent to Mrs. R. McDonald in Fiskeville, RI

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VIEW: Reverse of Card with Company's Message

This advertising postcard was sent from the Rumford Chemical Works located in Rumford, Rhode Island on July 16, 1910 and was addressed to a Mrs. R. McDonald in Fiskeville, RI. The message on the reverse reads as follows: 

Dear Madam:
      We call your attention to several of numerous reasons why you should use
Rumford "The Wholesome" Baking Powder in preference to all others.
      Made of the genuine Horsford's Acid Phosphate it makes lighter, more
nutritious and more easily digested breads and cakes.
      It is strictly pure, containing no alum or other objectionable ingredient.
      It is more economical because of its greater efficiency and reasonable price.
      The best of high grade powers.
                    Yours Respectfully,

The Rumford Chemical Works was founded in 1854 by the Harvard chemist, Eben N. Horsford and George F. Wilson.

Eben developed the formulas and products and George took care of the business operations. It has been said that there was no finer baking powder made than that produced by the Rumford company. 

The company originally began operations in Providence, but moved to Seekonk, Massachusetts in 1856. They built the mill shown on this 1910 postcard there and in addition built mill houses for their employees. They employed several hundred workers in their factory. When the land surrounding the factory became part of Rhode Island in 1862 the area became known as Rumford, (East Providence Township, Providence County).

Rumford Chemical Works began having financial problems during the 1940s and the chemical division was bought by a New Jersey company and operated in Rumford until 1975.

Hulman & Co., of Terre Haute, Indiana bought the baking powder division in 1950. They continued to operate the plant in Rumford until the late 1960s, when it was moved to Terre Haute. Hulman & Co. is still manufacturing Rumford Baking Powder today using the same familiar red label. They also make "Clabber Girl," another well-known brand of baking powder.

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The area known as Rumford today was originally part of the state of Massachusetts. It became part of the state of Rhode Island in 1862 as part of a land exchange with Massachusetts that moved Pawtucket and East Providence into the state in exchange for the town of Fall River. The city of Providence maintains a branch post office in Rumford.

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