Rhode Island Picture Post Cards
The Super Squirrel - Entering Port - Galilee, RI - Early 1970's
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The Super Squirrel was one of three boats owned by my cousin, George Thompson, (Aunt Annie's son). George's first boat; the original Sea Squirrel was a well-known Charter Fishing Boat out of Galilee during the 50's and early 60's. He later built Sea Squirrel II, another charter boat and then Super Squirrel which was an 85 foot all aluminum "Head Boat," (Bottom fishing for Cod, Pollock, Flounder, Sea Bass, Etc at Coxes Ledge or South East Ledge, Block Island). Super Squirrel was originally captained by his son, however at the time this picture was taken, the boat was being run by Captain Al Jarmin and I'm not sure if he had bought the boat or was running it for Cousin George. (I left the state to join the U. S. Navy in 1963 and haven't kept up.) During the late 50's, when Cousin George was running the original Sea Squirrel,  my dad was running Kiniksu (Japanese for Surgeon), a 65 foot wooden head boat and my youngest sister's godfather Bob Linton was running the highly successful charter fishing boat, Mako. So, as you can see, I got plenty of sea-time in even before joining the Navy. During the summers, I used to help my dad out on Kiniksu, cutting bait, untangling lines and on the way back in; cleaning and filleting fish. Kiniksu was one of the two most popular head boats out of Galilee during the late 50's. The other was our chief rival, the all aluminum Captain Milt.

Note: The difference between a "Head Boat" and a "Charter Boat," is that a Head Boat, (also called a Party Boat) charges by the head or so much for each individual and a Charter Boat is rented by a group; usually 4 to 6 persons. Additionally, most Head Boats are Bottom Fishing Boats and most Charter Boats go after Big Game or Sport Fish.

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