Rhode Island Postal Cards - Fist Day of Issue

Settling of Rhode Island by Roger Williams in 1636
Designed by David Blossom - Scott #UX112
Issued on June 26, 1986 in Providence, RI
Rhode Island Town Cancels (by RIPS)

Coventry, Rhode Island (3rd PO) 02816

The first Post Office at Coventry, (Coventry Township, Kent County), Rhode Island was established on January 19, 1827 with Oliver G. Wilbur as Postmaster. The post office was renamed the Washington Post Office on February 27, 1883. During this time, a second Coventry Post Office was opened on February 7, 1887 with Warren M. Green as Postmaster.  On November 1, 1951 the Washington Post Office (1st Coventry) was reestablished as the Coventry Post Office and the (2nd) Coventry Post Office was renamed Coventry Center. The Coventry Post Office is currently in operation under Postmaster Mary K. Fontaine appointed on November 10, 2007.

NOTE: The book, "Post Offices of Rhode Island" by Merolla, Jackson and Crowther, states that the first Coventry Post Office was formerly known as Washington, (prior to 1827) however they do not provide any time frame or further information.

This is a little confusing, even to me, (and I wrote it) so let me try and lay it out here: 

The current Coventry Post Office or the third to bear the name is actually the reestablished first Coventry Post Office. The second Coventry Post Office became the  Coventry Center Post Office in 1951 and became a station of the 1st or current Coventry Post Office on June 30, 1972.

Coventry Post Office

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