Rhode Island Postal Cards - Fist Day of Issue

Settling of Rhode Island by Roger Williams in 1636
Designed by David Blossom - Scott #UX112
Issued on June 26, 1986 in Providence, RI
Rhode Island Town Cancels (by RIPS)

Forestdale, Rhode Island 02824

The Post Office at Forestdale, (North Smithfield Township, Providence County), Rhode Island was established on July 31, 1890, with Ernst A. Mowry as Postmaster. The post office is currently in operation under Postmaster Kristen L. Schwartz appointed on October 30, 2004.

The "History of the State of Rhode Island with Illustrations" published by Hong, Wade & Co in 1878 states the following:

"Forestdale.  One-half mile below Slatersville, on the same stream, is situated this interesting manufacturing village, owned by the Forestdale Manufacturing Co.  This company was chartered May, 1871.  The company have warehouses, a store, and sixty-one tenements in connection with their factories.  The upper mill is a stone structure, three stories high, 68 x 166 feet, with an L of same height, 44 x 65 feet.  The lower mill is of stone, also, and is a two-story structure, 34 x 94 feet.  The company have a complete establishment, and are doing an extensive business.  They make, upon their own premises, the gas used in lighting the factory and the village.  The two factories contain 15,216 spindles and 322 looms, and employ about 225 hands.  The upper mill was built by Mansfield & Lamb, in 1860.  These parties sold out to J. & W. Slater and George W. Holt, who afterwards formed the present company, John Slater, William Slater, and Alfred Read, who have added steam-power to run the mill when short of water."

Forestdale Post Office

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